Who Chased The Dogs Out?

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Ever wonder if it’s even possible to keep a so-called emotional support animal out of your community? Sometimes it seems like all a pet-loving Unit Owner has to do to get around the pet rules in a condominium or homeowners … Continued

Mission Accomplished?

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It’s a good feeling when you can look up and say to yourself: “mission accomplished.” Knowing what you set out to do and getting it done is fulfilling. It is also a big step toward doing it again because, after … Continued

Spring Seminar Series Announced

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Barrow|Hoffman, a regional law firm focused on helping condominium and homeowner associations throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, has announced its 2016 Spring Seminar Series. Board Basics is designed for Board members and Managers in community associations, and will help newcomers and those … Continued

Caveat Emailor

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Let the emailer beware…. People often bemoan that the pace of the modern world is both a boon and a bane. My first brush with the increasingly frenetic pace was in the 1980’s with the advent of fax machines. Where … Continued

Should Families Pay More?

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Q: Our 80-unit complex once was adults-only, but now allows families with children. This has increased our community’s population and, in turn, our maintenance needs and monthly assessments (now $225 per unit). The assessments pay for water, trash, sewers, cable … Continued